Monday, October 25, 2010

Challenge #20

Moving On Up-
We all have life experiences that define us whether they be good or bad.
Even the bad experiences help us to grow and move on.
This very dirty challenge is to look at that time when you grew a little and


I have moved on babay! It's in the past, life lesson learned and I am a better person for it.
It's all about moving on and moving up.

Now go get dirty with it!

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I am truly blown away by the inspiration from the DT this challenge (as always of course), use their amazing work to inspire you to be BRAVE, BOLD and get DIRTY!

Journaling reads: As a little girl, I watched my parents take in stray cats. Their idea of respecting an animal was especially confusing to me when I learned that my own kitten had gotten hit by a car and eventually died. I knew then that they were being too liberal with the animals they claim to have cared for. They felt that cats should have the freedom to be outside as they wish. I wish I could say that they learned their lesson and kept their cats inside the house. But as I grew up, I witnessed more and more deaths - mostly from hit and run. My parents blame the drivers - those who hit them and never bothered to stop. Of course I can blame them too, because I think that's such a cold thing to do. But I place most of the blame on my parents. I have a very protective attitude about my pets now that I have two wonderful dogs in my life. My philosophy is simple: if you love them, you'll protect them. I feel that as painful as it has been to have moved on from the heartache, I've learned how to be a responsible pet owner.


this was the day i learned how much strength i really had. i had dealt with putting dogs to sleep before, but never have I had to make a decision like that one for onyx. she was healthy and young, but mentally unstable. although she was young at only 5 years old, she had always shown signs of aggresion. it had gotten to the point that we were not safe, nor were grayson or the other dogs. the decision to put her to sleep was not easy, but over time it became clear it was the only option. while we miss her daily, we really had no other options. i have learned to be at peace with my decision, and she will always be in our hearts.


Oh and since ONLY Melody participated in the challenge she wins the PRIZE! :)
melody said...


once again you chickies rawked out another fabulous challenge with amazing creations and journaling!
thanks for the inspiration!

here's my take on the challenge:
'my' own lies

Better send me your addy again Melody :)

8 Dirty Comments:

Haf Scraps said...

Yay Melody!! Thanks for participating and congrats on your win!

Unknown said...

Holly and Kelly your layouts are amazing girls~!! AMAZING!

Donna C said...

I love your challenges and I love the layouts that are being created from them ! Congrats Mel on ANOTHER win .... but so well deserved ! Maybe now life has slowed down a tad you will see me add a layout or two to these challenges !!!!!

melody said...

first off ~ what a rawkin kewl challenge...i'm so in on doing this one! got the idea in my head already! and wowza dt...once again ~ you totally rawked the challenge and powerful journaling ~ thanks for the inspiration!
and whoa ~ i won again! WHOHOO! THAT'S SO KEWL! i'm stoked!
i'm email my addy pinky! THANKS SO SO MUCH!

OH and donna ~ i'm gonna hold ya to participating on dirty scraps! :) you'll love it here chickie!

Jodi said...

Another great challenge, Pinky!!! Ladies, your layouts ROCK!!!

Carla said...

WOW girls, amazing job on your lay outs! You girls rock!

melody said...

here's my lo for the challenge ~ and thanks again for the inspiration

painfully 'letting go'

Donna C said...

thanks for this challenge ... it was soething I really need to put down on paper ... and thanks to my friend Mel for challenging me !

Here is my link