Monday, September 27, 2010

Sneak Peaks for Oct 23rd and 24th blog hop!

So I wanted to give everyone a little tease of some sneak peaks of what you can expect from prizes that you would have a chance to win from our DT members during our FIRST blog hop. Not only will you have a chance to win something from each DT member, but we also have a couple of sponsors for the blog hop as well.
So stay tuned for more information on the blog hop and more sneak peaks as well!
We are excited to host our First Blog hop and hope to see alot of our followers join in!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

~Blog Hop WINNER & Challenge #17 WINNER!

I am so excited today we get to give away not one but TWO prizes!

and the winner is....

Blogger Renee77 said...

What an exciting prize thanks for being so generous!

September 23, 2010 10:49 AM

Renee please email rachinla@aol.com
SFTIO is giving away a prize especially for our comments!

And for challenge #17 the Copics winner is...

Blogger melody said...

whohoo ~ i'm back ~ and i've done the challenge ~ thanks so much chickies for your inspiration! you rawk!

here's my lo:
from the moment

Meloday please send Carla or Me *Pinky* your addy and I will get these out to ya!

Challenge #18

We all have those events that happen, or those people we meet when you just say REALLY?
I can't believe this is even happening! Who is this person and why in the world have they crossed my path?
These things ONLY happen to me, it's crazy!!
Did I just drop my phone in the toilet really?
Did they really just say that to me??
I cannot believe I did that in front of everyone!
You know those crazy moments that leave you speechless because it's too much!
That's the page I challenge you to get dirty with!
Our Awesome SPONSORS!!!!!!

COPIC Marker

You can win a FREE pack of 9 COPIC Markers!!!!!!!


Some Odd Girl

You can also win 3 digital images from Some Odd Girl Stamps!

Here is what the amazing Design Team came up with to Inspire you!


*used images from our sponsor - Some Odd Girl*
Journaling reads:
There are times when I try to diffuse feelings of nervousness with humor. And sometimes when I do, I mess up a cliche or end up not being funny at all in front of others. Its those moments when I wish I could be like an owl and fly to the top of a tree and hide away. And I think, "Really? Did I just say that out loud?" Sometimes I think my dog has it super easy. All she has to do is look cute - never worrying about what to say in social situations.


Journaling reads:
At the ripe old age of 21, I was essentially an orphan. Yes, I was an adult, but you know as well as I do that you really don’t know anything at that age - even though you really think you know it all! After losing my mother to an aneurysm at the base of her brain just short of my 19th birthday, did I really do something so bad in life to lose my father to a heart attack at age 21? I don’t think so. However, that wasn’t the worst part...when my father passed away, I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter - his first grandchild - who he missed seeing my less than a month. Did life really need to be that cruel? Although it may not sound it, I’m really not bitter about it and I know this is just real life, but I do still have to ask myself...WHY?


Journaling reads: While visiting my bestfriend in Raleigh, NC, we decided to take the kids to the museum on a Monday Holiday. When I started to park, I noticed the sign "Assigned Parking ONLY, Violators will be towed", but Pam said it was fine since it was a holiday, so I parked and didn't think twice about it again. Well, when we entered the garage to leave, I was shocked to find my car gone(okay, I was hystersical)!! Thinking my car at been stolen, we headed to the police station only to find out that my car had actually been towed!!!!What?!? Apparently, the gentleman had come to work to find my car parked in his assigned spot in the garage, so he had me towed...I could have strangled Pam!!! She was parked right next to me and of course, her car wasn't towed!! I do believe the guy at the garage took pity on me and only charged me $20, but lesson learned, I will NEVER listen to my bff again...its all funny now, looking back on it!!!


Koen, Sometimes the things you do and say catch me off guard. Where on earth do you come up with these things?! Like when you do something that you know amuses someone else you turn around and say, "I'm funny?" Yes, sweetie - you are. We were watching a cooking show one day and ever since then you walk around punctuating sentences with - BAM! You are Superman, Spiderman, and the Hulk at any given time and your love for cars just overwhelms me at times. You, Koen, are so much like your father; it's a wonderful thing! You even picked up on my counting bit and repeat it at any given chance. You just make me laugh so hard and thinking to myself "Oh really Now?" Koen, you bring out my inner childish playful side and show me how to love stronger. You challenge me on a daily basis and make me a better person. A better mother. I love you so much, my little monster butt!


I used to wonder if I was being sensitive but then
I met you in person. I STILL cannot believe how mean and rude you are.
I cannot believe you told me to remember I was a NOBODY and I was there to take your messages.
I really did not think people acted that way.
I guess I am pretty naïve.
To some people you have the world in your hands, but to me you have nothing because you are so ugly on the inside it shows on the outside and it must be pretty painful to be you. I feel bad for you and something pretty bad must have made you the way you are today.
Still there is no excuse to be so rude and nasty not only to me but to others around me.
I am sad for you.

We will draw a winner for the last challenge...*TOMORROW!*

Thursday, September 23, 2010

~Scrapbooking From The Inside Out BLOG HOP!~

If you arrived here, you must have just left Pinky's blog!

If you leave a comment on every blog, you
will be qualified to win a new Enlightenment kit.

You know Dirty Scraps is all about scrapbooking
any way you want, including emotions, thoughts, and ideas.
with Dirty Scraps.

SFTIO provides Emotion based kits
(they are also just stunning kits)

Your next stop is

Leave a comment here and Dirty Scraps will
also give away a scrappy prize! :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

~Challenge 16 WINNER and Blog Hop coming soon!~

Good morning all you dirty scrappers!

We have a winner for challenge #16
You know at Dirty Scraps we realize every layout
is from the heart so all prizes are randomly drawn.
And the winner is....
Blogger Ms. Mom AKA April said...

It's in the nick of time, but here is my LO for the challenge. It's on my blog at http://www.msmomcraft.blogspot.com

April please contact Carla for your prize info.

Also I wanted to announce we will be having a BLOG HOP
with Scrapbooking From The Inside Out
on September 23rd.

And also our own Blog hop on October 23rd!
So stay tuned for lots of great prizes and fun!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Challenge #17

The Moment

The first year hubby and I met we were together Christmas Eve...we were talking and everything was so exciting, we ended up staying up all night until Christmas morning. Every year now we spend Christmas Eve together on the sofa or by the tree, chattering about the year and our lives until we both pass out.
The first time, it was one of those "Moments" you know those unexpected spontaneous moments that you will never forget and has changed a part of your life.
I challenge you today to look deep in your heart and find that forgotten moment, that moment you never talk about but you treasure in your heart, that moment that changed the way you saw yourself or you saw the person you were in it with.

No it does not have to be a romantic moment or a sweet moment it can be any moment you want. Good, bad, or even ugly!
Now go get DIRTY!

Our Awesome SPONSORS!!!!!!

COPIC Marker

You can win a FREE pack of 9 COPIC Markers!!!!!!!


Some Odd Girl

You can also win 3 digital images from Some Odd Girl Stamps!


Journaling: The Moment I found out I was with child my life changed.

It was no longer about me.

I had to stop being selfish and start making better decisions.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me.


The design team got to play with some digital images from Some Odd Girl.

The sun is called "Sunny Rays" from the nature collection and the cute owl is called "Hoot" from the critters collection.

Journaling reads...

You walked into my room one day.

You gave me a big hug and said...

"Mom, you're the best mom I ever had. I love you."

It was totally spontaneous and filled

my heart with so much joy.

To know that I'm doing a pretty decent job

as a mother is the best feeling ever!


The squirrels are a digi stamp from Some Odd Girl.

Journaling: Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined how much one phone call would change my life. I called in search of a job. While talking with you, I discovered so much more. In your voice there was genuine sincerity...something special that helped me find the hope that I was grasping for, the confidence that had dwindled over the years, and the strength that had long ago been tucked away. You made me feel whole, important, and safe. I knew what I had to do, you drove away my fears, and gave me the power to stand on my own two feet. I called seeking a job, but in that one call I found so much more...I found life.


More about Some Odd Girls Stamps

Some Odd Girl is the place to find fun and quirky digis that I know you will love! Some Odd Girl was inspired by two great friends who are such dolls! They took one of my pencil drawings and made it into red rubber and that act of generosity spiraled into what you see today. I am a married FTWM of 2 who has a hubby who not only loves me but supports my crafting and my site as my IT guy. What more could a girl want? I am an artist born who started out with pencils then acrylics and now scrapbook and am a cardmaker. I design things that I love and hope you have as much fun with our stamps as we do! Join us on September 21 for the release of our new Tinies line and don't forget about our monthly freebies and SOG Points program.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~Bittersweet Goodbye~

Good morning Dirty Scrappers,
I have some sad news today.
Our amazingly talented Pam has decided to step down from
Dirty Scraps and take some time for herself and family.

Pam has been such an amazing inspiration to
all of us, and we will miss her!

Thank you Pam we will miss you