Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Challenge #15

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The Games We Play

Games are for children right?
I don't think so!! From the playground and kindergarten to highschool, and beyond...life's little games.
It's so easy to get caught up int emotional games,
material games, and power games as an adult.
This challenge is all about recognizing those games.
Maybe you have relationship that you are always trying to one up
each other? Or you know a friend who is always trying to drag you into their drama.
Whether we like to admit it or not, every day we face some sort of game.
So go scrap it
Now go get DIRTY!

Here is what the AMAZING DT did to inspire YOU!



Journaling: I'm grown, mature, sophisticated, classy, and I don't have time for Games.

it reads:
i don't like being in anyone's drama
you know the he said she said drama
because in the end someone gets hurt
plus i believe drama is created by those who have low self esteem
and those that are dramafree have a better success with friends


Journaling: I realize it is part of having a child and raising you to do the right thing, but there are days when these mind games we play are just enough to do me in. I say no and you do it anyway. You are learning you can’t get away with it, but the hardest part is actually teaching you that. I have to come up with new ways to teach you each and every day. And you come up with new ways to push the limits each day too. Some days I want to give up and bang my head on the wall, but I resist and hope that eventually I will get through to you!

I just don’t deal well with DRAMMA.
I hate playing games, I am me simply me
And that is all.
It’s ok to dislike me, but going out
Of your way to let me know.
I don’t play that game.
I would never in a million years
Think to go out of my way to let someone
Know I disliked them. I am way too kind
To do that to someone just because I
Love drama, heck it isn’t even DRAMA
It’s pure DRAMMA.
My life is full and rich because I ignore
Those games and I will not be sitting at
50+ playing those games, I will be sitting
With my family *God willing* watching my
Grandchildren and spreading the love.
Those hateful games won’t be in my life
No matter how many try to drag me into
Theirs. It’s all about staying true and
Putting out kindness and love.
I firmly believe if you put out love, you
Receive love in return, those few sour
People won’t ruin it with “Foolish Games”

8 Dirty Comments:

Carla said...

All of you girls ROCK this challenge! Great job. Cant wait to see what others come up with! LOVE IT!

Dawn said...

Love the design team layouts, you girls did a great job!

Haf Scraps said...

GO TEAM RAW! Awesome layouts, awesome theme. Great job!

Laurajean said...

OMG, I'm in LOVE with each and everyone's layouts for this weeks challenge...you ladies outdid yourself...FABuLous ;)

Dawn said...

Here is my layout for this challenge this time. It isn't as dirty as I would have liked it to be.

Vickilyn said...

AWESOME Ladies!!! Talk about inspiration!!

Keepsake's Crafts said...

Finally got this assembled... GOOD therapy this round. All assembled HERE.

melody said...

you ladies are such and inspiration!
WOWZA! i totally love the honesty and well...the fact that ya just lay it out on the table! YOU GO GIRLS!
pinky...you just totally rawk girl for starting such a great blog!
i've been wanting to step in and play for a while now...quite honestly i just couldn't do it!
well...until now! i've decided to start taking this appoach to my scrappin...'the dirty stuff' and start 'gettin it out'. thanks and big hugz to ya all!

i've created my first lo ~ posted on my blog...ok..sorry it's nothing to do with this weeks challenge...but..i did it!