Sunday, July 25, 2010

Challenge #14

I think of a car wreck when I hear the word IMPACT, but it can mean so many different things. An abusive parent can IMPACT your life in detrimental ways.
A wonderful teacher can IMPACT your life in amazing ways, a loving mother can IMPACT your life forever. You can be scarred or shaped with it. Scrap a page with the word IMPACT in it, make it strong, make it you!
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I have very often referred to my daughter as a “medical nightmare”. She’s klutzy and often ends up in the emergency room. Well, this time was different - it was truly her health, and not just a broken bone. It all started when she told me her back hurt. I really didn’t think too much of it. I figured she had slept wrong or something...this went on about a week. On Saturday morning, she vomited. Again, didn’t think too much of it. By Sunday, the back was really hurting and she was feeling nauseas all the time - to the walk in clinic we went. They took an x-ray, said her back was fine and sent her home with painkillers. Monday morning, the fevers started - around 105 degrees. To the hospital emergency room we went. 7 hours later, we were told she had mononucleosis. I don’t think I ever realized that virus could hit that hard. But it did. We had to follow up with our regular doctor. So we did. What a surprise we had. Not only did she have mono, she also had a UTI and something called granulomas on her liver. This could have actually come from somebody who had tuburculosis. To make matters worse, our doctor wasn’t going to be taking our new health plan, so we had to follow up in a month to be tested for tuburculosis and find a new doctor before that. This is definitely what I would call a SUDDEN IMPACT!


Journaling reads:
"Reality check - maybe you're not taking care of yourself after all."

After those words left my tongue, I felt a little shocked. I was becoming more and more confident as a therapist, even though I was only 27. I loved my job working at the intensive psychiatric counseling center. Helping people professionally was something I dreamed about since I was a pre-teen.

The woman in my group therapy session just stared at me blankly, then said, "Isn't that a little harsh?" I sheepishly apologized for coming off strong but I pointed out a few things going on in her life that lead her to an emotional break down. For weeks after that, my colleagues and I worked with her on getting to where she needed to be emotionally. As her primary therapist, I often thought about how I would be affecting her life and I took caution in each approach. I challenged her to confront the reasons why she was being so self-destructive, and build her feelings of self-worth. There were times when she got defensive. Other times she'd break down and cry, showing her most vulnerable emotions. Sometimes she'd get angry, as most do when digging up raw feelings. But she never missed one day of therapy, even when it was draining.

The day that she "graduated" from therapy was the day I realized that I had made a genuine impact on her. She thanked me in front of my colleagues and said that she'd remember my words for years to come and how they'd help her in the future. She said that I was wise beyond my years and that she'd never forget me. Nor have I ever forgotten her.
I guess you just never know when you might impact someone.



There are so many things that have impacted my life to shape me into the person I am now. *Being a mom * God * Being a wife * Faith * My mom & Dad * Losing friends & family * strength * disease * love * passion * joy * sadness



You didn't have to treat Brian and I like that...we loved you , you were our father. You hurt us, not physically, but emotionally!! Screaming at us the way you did, did nothing to help our self-esteem. We were so scared of you, didn't want to piss you off. Now looking back, I realize it was a control problem you had. And even now, the excuses you use, doesn't make it right. July 2010



Memories have impact - good or bad. Memories affect our lives in unimaginable ways. Just remember everything happens for a reason and you will always have those memories to learn from.

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Pinky said...

Once again I am blown away and I mean BLOWN AWAY!!!!!

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wow, I really love your challenges :) The girls layouts are awesome too!

Heather said...

Awesome layouts! This is one I can definitely do! Also can someone explain to me how to make the blinkie work? When I click on it where it says grab the blinkie it says the page doesn't exist?

Carla said...

WOW you girls did a GREAT job on this challenge.......

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can we all say "BOINGA BOINGA"--you ladies did a great job with the layouts--you got down right dirty wit' 'em'!

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wow!!! you girls did an awesome job i love each and every one!!!

Dawn said...

Unbelievable ladies, I am just amazed at the places you go with your layouts.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Sugar said...

I made a layout but wasn't sure where to post it.. Here's the link..

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Finished my layout- great prompt this time.
here is
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Thanks for the inspiration.

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These LOs are just Mind Blowing ... Fabulous work ladies.

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Awesome lo's ladies!!! You are all so inspirational!!

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AMAZING LO's ladies! I love seeing what everyone creates with these prompts. It's always so inspiring to hear others stories.

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Thanks for this prompt... another page done I kept meaning to get around to... all done here!

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Just completed my "impact" layout :)

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Here is a link to my blog post with my "Impact" layout. I'm really liking this blog, it's making me stop and think, although this one wasn't a hard decision for me as to what to scrap about. Thanks!


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Okay this one came to me in the middle of the night but seems as my scapping stuff is in storage it is digi

and here it is


thank you so much for challenging me and making me think xoxo

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Love this challenge, great job ladies.

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Wow, so many emotions came up for me, I almost couldn't finish it. I did, but late!

BarefootFairyMum said...

Here is my entry for the challenge.


BarefootFairyMum said...

Here is my entry for the challenge.


twiztedpixxiee said...

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