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Listen up all your Dirty Scrappers...do you want to win a 50.00 Gift certificate to Keller's Creation's??
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Challenge #13 (Lucky 13 LOL)

Most people have a love hate relationship with their body, there are parts they LOVE and parts they HATE or both!
Maybe your toes are sweet as cherry pie, or your hair is less than model-rific?
Choose a topic and scrap your love/hate relationship.
You will be surprised at how many others feel the same way or struggle with body/self esteem issues.

Now go get dirty!

I still struggle with self esteem issues after years of abuse,
never see what others see, that is my fight within.


my journaling says:
"as a young girl i've always loved my hair-i knew it was different
from all the other girls that had straight hair
the only difference was my hair was thick and naturally curly
i couldn't wait for the ritual that took place every 2 weeks to
get it washed and pressed-i LOVED how my mother took her time
to care for my hair-now that i'm older i find myself doing the same
regimen my mother did for me and my sisters
now that i'm older i HATE that i can't lay on the sink like i did when
i was younger-so now i have to grin and bear it standing up
the whole time."

Last weeks WINNER!!!!!!!!
Blogger Shawna said...
This was a great challenge. Here is the link to my take on the challenge:


We want to sincerely THANK Nikki Sivils for sponsoring the last
2 challenges, what amazing lines she has, please always
remember out super fabulous sponsors when you go to shop!

15 Dirty Comments:

A Sarasota said...

great work, ladies!!

Dawnll said...

Great layouts again ladies, lots of inspiration.
How to I start to decide what I want to scrapbook first.

*Nikki* said...

great layouts...i forgot that you had made this challenge site...and I so so so love it! I can't wait to scrap something dirty!!

Haf Scraps said...

Way to go, fellow Dirty Scrappers! I'm loving the layouts. Team Raw - you're awesome!

Laurajean said...

Congratulations Shawna, what an awesome prize :)
And LOVE Team Raw's layouts this week, u ladies ROCKED it ;)

Shawna said...

Awww I won....Yeah thank you so much.

Jeannie from PolkaCabana.wordpress.com said...

Ok...my blog post is up! Here is the link!! I did my LOVE/HATE page!! Here is the link:


Gina said...

I love the challenge :) Here is my post...

Carla said...

You girls ROCKED this challenge! I love all the pages here. I slacked this month, just alot going on with work that is stressing me out but I promise to kick my butt in GEAR here real soon. Love seeing all the lay outs girls, keep up the good work!

Days End Studio said...

My Dirty offering here.

twiztedpixxiee said...
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twiztedpixxiee said...

Great challenge, loved/hated the theme! Here's my take on it:

val said...


my submission can be found in this post!!!

Heather said...

Great layouts Ladies! Here is mine

Gina said...

wow all the ladies did an amazing job on the layouts. It must be tough picking winners every challenge.