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Challenge #11 *WITH SPONSOR!!*

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Challenge #11
You really piss me off!
Hey anger is so real and it is a valid emotion in your life. As long as you deal with it, keep it under control and learn from it, it's not a bad thing. And yes, people get pissed off sometimes. This challenge is a little bit harder though, its easy to just say someone/something pisses you off, but I want you to journal/scrap about how you deal with it, or how you can BETTER deal with the situation. Remember this is YOUR ART your life and it's for you, so make it work for you.
Now go get DIRTY!

Here is what Team Raw came up with to inspire you


Here’s my journaling:

There are times when it sweeps away my better judgment and sunny disposition.

Sometimes when the storm passes I feel so bad about the way I acted.

And that's what I'm learning.

Not to let my actions at the time be ruled by my emotions.

And to not let other people's emotions rule my own.



my journaling says:

it pisses me off when people ask to borrow
money and promise to pay me back and dont--i dont
mind helping a family member or a friend out

just say what you mean and mean what
you say--i’m not going to make you sign a paper or make you hold
your right hand up and promise you’ll pay me back--all i know is

if i do lend you the money, make sure that what you do with it is
between you and God--and pray that you’ll give it back in a timely
manner--but if you don’t pay me back, just know that will be the last
time you'll get any money from me--trust and believe!

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which is
Blogger Ziggyeor said...


Here's the link to mine :D not too far to scroll down I'm trying not to make so many posts in one day so just a little ways past the card.

May 29, 2010 9:58 AM

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By: Carla Oliveira

This is a very FRESH lay out of me being pissed off.
Journaling reads:
You really piss me off. You are a lousy brother, a lousy son and a lousy uncle. I can't speak for your kids and say that you are a lousy dad, but if you treat them the way that you treat your family, it's probably safe to say that you are lousy at being a father too. All these years I sat back and always FORGIVE.....and try to forget how you treat us and always pretend that everything is ok. Not anymore. You crossed the line when you couldn't even show up for your niece's graduation. It was important to her, and she was really hurt that you decided that you had better things to do then to be around your friends and family for a day. Go ahead, keep hiding, don't come around, live your life by yourself. I feel sorry for you because you will be a lonely old man one day. I feel sorry for you the day that we finally come face to face, because I am not going to hold anything back. I'm done forgiving you and letting you just waltz in and out of our lives like everything is ok, because you know what BROTHER, it's NOT FINE!

20 Dirty Comments:

Ziggyeor said...

Love the LO's everyone has done! I'll have to tackle it when I'm not in such a good mood ;) Thanks for the challenge and thank you sponsers :)

Pinky said...

Great work everyone! Carla your LO is beautiful, I am so glad to see it!

Carla said...

Thanks pinky! Great work everyone else too.............I hope we get more people playing along with us this month. Im trying to spread the word about the sponsor!

Laurajean said...

WOWSERS ladies...these layouts are frickin' AWESOME, you guys ROCKED this challenge ;)

Adrienne Pierce said...

I told you I was working on it!! It was a hard one for me...you can read the details on my blog...


Anonymous said...

Hi ladies - I always love your work - thank you so much for being so brutally honest and real - it totally inspires me and often brings a tear

Finally this time I got to play so please feel free to check it out here



Scrapamum said...

Okay here is my take:

Becky said...
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Darlene Servolini said...

Hey there! Great challenge! I had a question... can I enter one of my fierce cat?? Seriously she is a killer watch cat- well with strangers anyway. LOL. The picture I have in mind makes my kitty look like she is MEAN. Let me know if this is OK?

Pinky said...

No rules Darlene make it your page girl!

Darlene Servolini said...

Sweet! :)

Heather said...

Here is mine!

Stephanie said...

Ok, I'm gonna try to link it. I did mine on Road Rage with the Rusty Pickle Shazaam paper. thought the flame was appropriate. :)


Susan said...

GREAT Job everyone. I am not really that angry about much...BUT I am SO......PISSED OFF at bp...this was the perfect outlet!


Becky said...

okay seriously....I am not sure why my link to my blog was someone else's that is really weird.
Anyway...trying this again.
Here is my take on this challenge

Darlene Servolini said...

Hey Pinky, another question, can I e-mail you ny layout instead of posting it on my blog?

Olivia said...

Great work by everyone. Just found your site so this is my first time playing along with the challenges:

MaRLeNeF said...

everyone did an awesome job on your layouts, i enjoyed checking all of them out :)

Peg said...

finally got it done, just had to wait for DD to have a hissy fit as it turned out!

jonaks said...

great pages.