Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Challenge WINNER and NEW SPONSOR!!!!!

I am VERY EXCITED to announce that we are officially

being sponsored for the next couple months!

Our first sponsor is a sweet shop, you have to check out HERE

Here is her amazing Etsy Shop too!

She has the PRIZE which is an incredible kit, on the link, so go check it out!

You will love it!

One luck participant will recieve the prize directly from her!

Thank you so much!!

Upcoming sponsors?

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Ok on to the winner of challenge #7
Blogger Keepsake's Crafts said...

Finished re-Vamp-ing mine!
Emotional Vampire:

April 14, 2010 12:49 PM

Thanks you all for particpating.

To the winner please send me your addy so I can

get a prize out to you!

Lynn Our DT girl has offered up a prize.

Also Kelly has offered up a Digi prize so you can choose! :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #8

Sorry we are late due to technical issues (Pinky is having)
Thanks for your patience.
Winners will be posted tomorrow.
Challenge #8
There is definitely a lack of compassion in this world that is full of judgment. So this challenge is all about compassion, maybe it will give someone else perspective on having compassion and less judgment, maybe it will make you think twice next time? So scrap a page about yourself, and something you "wish" people would stop judging you about and have compassion for you.
Not feel sorry, not pity you, but have some compassion because they don't know the whole story. Let's spread the love and get some insight on life :)
Now go get dirty!

Here is what the DT came up with to inspire you!!



Journaling: Kayla is a little girl with a big heart. At 10.5 years old she is the size of an average 6 year old. Kids are always poking fun at her because of her size. It breaks her heart because she doesn't understand. I only wish kids would open their eyes and realize that words do hurt. They hurt good people with big hearts.




Journaling says: You don't know the whole story, you don't know the reasons why and if it helps him, which it has...then don't judge me or him!! Because I'm his mom and I know what's best for him!! ADHD does not define him, it is part of who he is!! I love you Kaleb!! 4'10

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #7

Save the Drama for yo' Momma!
I struggle with this all the time, eliminating DRAMA from my life!
If it's not one thing it's another, finding balance is key!

So I challenge you this week to scrap a Dramatic Moment!

Whether you are a drama mama and love it or you hate drama and just want it to go away, scrap a dramatic moment or scrap how you feel about drama!

Make it your page and make it the way you want it!

Scrap it dirty!!

This challenge is SPONSORED, we have a PRIZE (I just have to confirm details but it will be posted shortly)

Here is what the amazing DT has created for you to be inspired


Here is the journaling:
I couldn't deal with the drama anymore.
I couldn't deal with the constant
neediness from you. I had a husband
and 2 small children to take care of. But
it seemed like you always thought that
you needed me more then they did.
You always asked too much of me,
and I did my best to be there for you.
But there comes a time when enough
is enough. And as you stated, we had
our last Supper together. Things
could have been fine after that talk, but
you continued to be the dramatic person
that you always were, you never made
an effort to change and I had to remove
the drama from my life. I will always
remember you, but it will only be a
memory, there is no more room for
a friendship that was always about
DRAMA. Have a good life.


i do not like fake friends
the ones who take advantage of your
kindness to get what they want from you
in turn do nothing to keep the friendship healthy
why would i want to feel unworthy
i am a child of God
with that being said

The drama of being ostracized by friends over a boy,
of being misunderstood all the time,
of being betrayed by close friends,
of being crazy over someone worthless
is finally over!

Team Dirty:

LARA: And of course PINKY hehe

I always have and always will try to be that friend,
The one you can count on the one who will bend over backwards and ignore the bad because I know I am not perfect.
But sometimes I wish I could just be a royal bitch!
I cannot believe how some people cyber bully me with texts and emails letting me know how much they hate me and threatening my life. I guess I need to step back and start looking harder at people I give the gift of friendship to.
Because no matter how many times you text me and threaten me, no matter how many times you try to bully me, I won’t ever dignify it with a response, because only bullies, and cowards act like children and bring on the drama,
I am a mother, a friend, and a kind hearted WOMAN not a child who needs to feel good by bullying other adults.
So keep on bringing the drama, because you won't find any drama from me.
Never have, never will.
It just shows that something is really missing in your life that you have to take the time to TRY to bully or bother me. I feel sad for you.

*Note to sponsors* Dirty Scraps is now open for sponsorship, we welcome your ideas. please contact Carla at carladirtyscrapsdt@yahoo.com

Would you like to see a sponsor participants? Well get ready because we will be rockin' it!