Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #8

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Challenge #8
There is definitely a lack of compassion in this world that is full of judgment. So this challenge is all about compassion, maybe it will give someone else perspective on having compassion and less judgment, maybe it will make you think twice next time? So scrap a page about yourself, and something you "wish" people would stop judging you about and have compassion for you.
Not feel sorry, not pity you, but have some compassion because they don't know the whole story. Let's spread the love and get some insight on life :)
Now go get dirty!

Here is what the DT came up with to inspire you!!



Journaling: Kayla is a little girl with a big heart. At 10.5 years old she is the size of an average 6 year old. Kids are always poking fun at her because of her size. It breaks her heart because she doesn't understand. I only wish kids would open their eyes and realize that words do hurt. They hurt good people with big hearts.




Journaling says: You don't know the whole story, you don't know the reasons why and if it helps him, which it has...then don't judge me or him!! Because I'm his mom and I know what's best for him!! ADHD does not define him, it is part of who he is!! I love you Kaleb!! 4'10

16 Dirty Comments:

TeenaBugg38 said...

Ohhhh I am all over this one! Great challenge!

MoMo sprnany said...

Amazing challenge...I love what the DT team did with this...you ladies are truly stunningly talented it is my pleasure to know you all!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

thanks amy for pointing me in this direction...loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this challenge! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Anonymous said...

stunning work Ladies.. :)

~~Mia~~ said...

all absolutely gorgeous lo's gals!!!!!

Carla said...

You girls rocked this challenge! LOVE all the pages that you guys came up with!

Lynn said...

Oh my!! These layouts are gorgeous!! Amazing stories behind them all too..

MoMo sprnany said...

Ok Mine's up on my blog! Check it out!

MaRLeNeF said...

Awesome job girls, fab layouts!!!

Vanessa C. said...

These are beautiful! I'm amazed and touched with the honesty!

Laurajean said...

FABuLous layouts ladies...I just LOVE this BlOG, really makes me stop and think :)

Stephanie said...

I'll definitely be chiming in on this one. I have 2 ideas in mind-maybe I'll do both instead of making myself pick one. They're on complete opposite spectrums, so that would be cool.
I'll show ya when I'm done Cristal.
Thanks for the challenge!

AmesOx said...

You ladies rock! I am so excited to see what everyone does with this challenge. Stories have the potential to change a person, and I truly believe that by us telling our stories through our scrapbooking then maybe, just maybe, we can open some eyes. Love you girls!!!

Hayley G said...

Great Challenge and DT Work ladies! I'm very inspired.

Keepsake's Crafts said...

Got'er Done!

MamaBirdy said...

Another great challenge! I love what the DT did. LAURAJEAN: I really relate to your LO!

Here's my take on it...