Monday, May 10, 2010

Challenge #9 & WINNER of the sponsored KIT!

First of all let's announce the WINNER of All Things Chula
KIT from the last challenge!
MamaBirdy said...

Another great challenge! I love what the DT did. LAURAJEAN: I really relate to your LO!

Here's my take on it...

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The Facts of Life
Life is what it is, it is FULL of ups and downs, bumps and bruises, and even sex. This challenge is not for the weak! hahaha just kidding... I challenge you to scrap the facts, whether it be the fact that you smoke, the fact that your single, the fact that you have sex, the fact that you have Mulitiple Sclerosis, there are alot of "facts" out there, they are not all pretty, they are not all clean, it's called LIFE. Go scrap it! Have fun, be real, be yourself.
Now go get Dirty!

The SPONSOR for this challenge is BELLA BLVD!!!!!!
OMG you will LOVE the prize package they sent!
You have to play along!
Thank you Bella BLVD!
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I am not perfect. I am overweight, I can be grumpy. I cuss, I get angry. I will tell you when I think there are better ways to do things. Despite my faults, I am true to myself & those whom I love.

People usually scrap the wonderful relationships with their loved ones.
Fact is, every relationship out there, no matter how good, has its flaws.
My mum and I share this love-hate relationship since my teenage years till now.
We quarrel, we fight, we make up, we love, we hate..
It's conflicting to say I love her.
But I really do, despite the quarrels, fights and cold wars.
One thing for sure is that she loves me with all her heart.
Happy Mother's Day!

You can see more details of my layout here.


I have hypothyroidism which means my thyroid gland is under active. I have to take medicine for the rest of my life to regulate my thyroid levels. Before I found out I had this condition, I started feeling terrible. I always felt tired and down right exhausted, sluggish and weak. I had difficulty concentrating on things and I felt like I was in a fog. I have to take a pill every day one hour before I eat which is a pain on the weekends. I’ve been on my medication for over a year now. Some days I still suffer with certain symptoms. When I went for my pre-surgery testing last month the doctor said my thyroid gland looks enlarged, so I need to go for another scan and checkup with my doctor. This is something that I always have to keep on top of. The biggest thing that has been bothering me about this condition is trying to loose weight. It’s something that I’m really struggling with. Hopefully as time goes by I’ll learn more about this condition and be better able to help myself get better


Facts of life:

The fact that I'm single at the age of 45 scares me a bit.
I certainly dont show this to friends and family because
I have and always will be a strong woman. But I have
come to realize that at my age I am not sure that there is
anyone out there for me, and have also realized that I may
be single and doing this whole life thing alone. I do it now,
but I struggle every day trying to make ends meet with
me and the kids. It's just me putting a roof over our heads
and making sure that we have food on the table and the
bills are paid. It's very very hard to do, but it's a fact. I have
no one to rely on but myself and some how I make it work.
It's hard at times, but I make it work. So the fact is that I'm
a single mother taking care of everything on my own and
doing the best I can. And the fact is that I may be alone
the rest of my life, I'm coming to terms with that too, who
needs a man anyways?


{click to enlarge to read the journaling}
journaling reads:

here i am.
220lbs. and finally coming to grips that i may never ever see
my "old skol" figure ever again. i'm kool with that. you see, during
the past years, i've learned to love this body of mine. all 100%
curves and thickness. my mom had them, my grand and my great-grandmothers.
it's my reality and i'm embracing it in a positive, healthy way.

i used the first 4 months of my 365 Photo a Day Photos, made levels in the paper, then hid the journalling behind a panel with a brad:

Dirty Scraps Challenge #9

Dirty Scraps Challenge #9

I apologize for the delay today, if you have not seen the news Nashville has been brutally hit with flooding. Thankfully my family and I are safe but so many we know have lost everything.
This has been a trying week so please bear with me while I try to catch up on everything.

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MamaBirdy said...

Yay! Thank you so much!!!

Amanda said...

Hmmm. I have an idea of what I want to do. And, thanks to the gorgeous gals who posted their work, I might actually have the courage to post it.

Dolores said...

great challenge

Carla said...

YEHHHHH congrats Mamabirdy!

Laurajean said...

Holy Smokes ladies...U guys ROCKED this challenge, loved every single one of your layouts...so inspirational :)

MoMo sprnany said...

Ladies your lo's are brilliant! I love all of them...I've opened another vein for this challenge...mine's here www.just4scrappin.blogspot.com

Carla said...

Awesome job girls....glad that you got your lay outs up.............

Keepsake's Crafts said...

Here's my 'Fact' sheet:

Peg said...

My thoughts are with you in recovering from the floods. Awesome that you are still participating here!
Love the new challenge.

Adrienne Pierce said...

This really inspired me and got me to scrap a poem I had been wanting to for ever!

here is mine:

Haf Scraps said...

I always enjoy seeing my fellow Dirty Scraps team members' takes and perspectives on these challenges. Awesome job, ladies! Go Team Raw!

MaRLeNeF said...

Well done everyone, I just love all your layouts!!! xxx Marlene

Peg said...

Here's my new challenge page
thanks for the prompt

MY Creative Brightside said...

here is mine! Great challenge ladies!!

Faye Marie said...

I hope I made it in on time... It just turned midnight PST where I live... fingers crossed. My lo is here:


Time to relax said...

i havne't done this yet only just checking in and i will be doing mine on having hyperthyroidism i have just found out this month and its no wonder ive been so sick ended up in hopsital for 5 days so thats what im doing mine on..