Friday, March 26, 2010

Timeless Daydreams Sponsored Challenge #5 WINNER!

We want to thank Timeless Daydreams for sponsoring our Challenge #5!
And remind you to visit their site, they are a newer kit club
and they totally rock it!
This month's kit is ONLY 22.00 and it is stunning!
They are definitely Dirty Scraps approved!

And the winner of Challenge #5 is....*drum roll*

Heather said...

Awesome layouts as always! Here is mine!


March 14, 2010 8:22 AM

Thank you all for participating, I hope you all come back and play some more!
Please be sure to visit Timeless Daydreams.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #6

Challenge #5 WINNER will be posted tomorrow!

Challenge #6
I know we all have those moments when we say
"Man I was totally wrong what was I thinking??" or "Where was my head??"

It is always a good thing to look back...reflect
on a mistake or lesson learned and remember how we got here in life
and how that mistake or lesson helped us move along.
After all what good are mistakes if we do not learn from them?

So this week's challenge is to scrap one of those DOH! moments!
It does not have to be negative,
it can be a positive outcome, or great lesson learned...

Now go get DIRTY!!!!!



Here's my text (in case it's hard to read):

On a family trip to Hawaii, I tried scuba diving. It was a lot of money, but it was something I wanted to experience all on my own. The afternoon before the dive I attended a practice at the hotel pool with the scuba gear. It was a cinch as I practiced breathing under water and using my flippers to swim. I thought I was ready - Little did I know the actual practice would be nothing like the real thing.

That morning the boat took us out to 300 feet deep waters and I was already starting to get a little sea sick. But I ignored it and got my gear ready for the dive. In the water the instructor told me to equalize my ears every three feet due to the pressure. I was doing ok until I heard a pop in my ear and I was instantly queazy. I tried equalizing again and nothing happened. The pressure was outrageous, so I went back up to the surface. I attempted yet again with no success. I got back on the boat, feeling defeated and embarrassed.

The boat was anchored but I felt as though everything was spinning. Was this Vertigo? I stood up trying to get my bearings when I ran into the captain. I ended up throwing up all over him. I have never been so humiliated, embarrassed and disappointed in my life. I kept thinking how I wasted good money, and a chance of experiencing something really great. Some idea. Seriously, what was I thinking? If only life had a "rewind" button.

Journaling says: I thought we were friends, that is what I was thinking!! But friends don't betray your trust, friends don't say or act the way you acted, friends don't treat you the way you treated me!! I trusted you completely and now realize that was really stupid on my part, but guess what, my eyes are Wide Open now!!!


Team RAW:


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Challenge #5 SPONSOR & PRIZE!!

You know we don't normally have prizes, frankly because I have not had time to line up sponsors just yet, but Timeless Daydreams contacted me and GENEROUSLY offered
an ENTIRE KIT as a prize for challenge #5, so please do join in the fun.

This is the kit, it is Vintage, don't you just LOVE IT!

Thank you Dolores & Michele form Timeless Daydreams.
Since they are sponsoring us this month, please do check their site out
and their amazing kits as well!
This month they are hosting a CONTEST of their own..

Timeless Daydreams presents March Madness!!

Are you ready to be our next Guest Designer? Ready for the challenges we'll present?
There will be Five Rounds to participate in.

Enter a layout created within the last 3 months that portrays your best work. This is your official entry!!! The deadline for the Qualifying Round is March 14th.
All entries must be uploaded into the March Madness Gallery under Qualifying Round.
25 Contestants will be picked from this round to move onto the Opening Round - Contestants will be announced March 16th!!!
3 Ladies will be picked from the final round!

You will need a minimum of 25 posts to play.

Good Luck to all who apply!

So go here!
Register and play along, I can tell you now,
I don't recommend many sites to crafters but this place is VERY kind and
have some amazing people on it!

Now go get dirty!!
Thanks Timeless!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #5:

Dirty Scraps Challenge #5:

We all have them...hopes, dreams, fears... but this time I wanted to concentrate on those dreams, more specifically acknowledging those shattered dreams. Scrap about a shattered dream.Maybe your dream was to have 2.5 kids a home and a successful career. But you are divorced and raising the kids on your own. Maybe your dream was to be a dancer? Heck maybe it was to be a secretary? We all grow up and even if they are not our prominent dreams and we are completely satisfied with our current lives...we all had those dreams that sort of flew away. I love my life but I can think of several dreams I did not see through. It's NOT a bad thing, it is just life and the way life flows. I truly believe it is a positive thing because out path in life leads us on many roads, not just the ones we plan for. You can take this layout in any direction you want :)
Now go get dirty!

Here is what the DT came up with to inspire you and BOY they inspired me!


Kelly: Pamela:

Pinky:Journaling: I dreamed of Prince Charming little did I know the path I took would hold so many detours. But I am the lucky one, I did find my prince...eventually.
I dreamed of parents who would love and adore their baby girl forever. That dream was shattered but it taught me to be a good parent and treasure my children always.
I dreamed of having babies of my own. Dream Come True.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prompt #4 Inspiration

One of the things I love about this new challenge blog are the prompts really make me think deep and in a slightly different way.

Charo - Dirty Scraps

My dog passed away Feb 5 and I hadn't been able to muster up any creative energy for anything. The photo I used for this layout i have everywhere - it just seems to be the perfect representation of her. When i saw the prompt, "in your eyes", i realize i look into her eyes of the photo constantly and that's what we used to do when we cuddled.

Charo Macro

I apologize for this extraneous post, as i didn't get my layout done in time for the original posting, but i still wanted to share how i interpreted the prompt and just thank Pinky once again for hosting such an awesome blog! It provided a much needed creative therapy outlet!