Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #4:

I am still blown away and completely inspired but the amazing

layouts and beautiful emotion everyone conveys with each challenge.
Thank you for playing along with us!

Dirty Scraps Challenge #4:
In Your Eyes-
When I talk to the people I love or friends I often ask myself "Who are they looking at? What glasses are they using?" It's amazing how much less/more critical we would be on ourselves if we saw what others saw.
So this challenge is to Scrap a page through someone else's eyes.
Either how someone see YOU (ask them or journal words they
have used before) Or scrap a page about how you see someone else. I mean how you REALLY see them. Why they see you that way? Why you see them that way? Think about it and reflect, it might give you some new insight or even compassion (for others or yourself).
Now go get dirty!

Here is what the Dirtiest Girls did to inspire you!


My Journaling:

Dear Father…my dad…the man I am supposed to look up to, the man I am supposed to come to with my problems, the man who is supposed to make my life better with wise gentle words and daddy hugs. We all know that Daddy hugs make everything better in life. At least that’s what my own children tell me. But I will never know that for myself, will I? I do look up to you dad but not in the way a daughter should. I look up to you as an example. An example of what not to do and of whom not to be. You impacted my life on so many levels with your harsh words, your brass personality, your seemingly common failures, and your abandonment. I will never in my life allow something to control my life like you have. I will never allow a drink to be more important to myself than my very own children. A six pack of beer or dinner for my family?! Are you freaking kidding me? For most people it would be a very easy question to answer, but I guess for you it was too….you always chose that damn beer. You say you have your reasons for drinking, well dad your reasons for drinking are the same as my reasons for sitting on a toilet….SHIT. As I was growing up I tried to put on my daddy blinders and pretend that everything was ok, life was normal, and I always had the help of my big brother to make me happy, to make all of us kids happy. He is only one year older than I am and was more of a father to me than you have or will ever be. Who was around to build the tree houses, to hang a ghetto rigged basketball hoop, to push us on the swing he made. Who was it that rode his bicycle to the store to get food, who went to work at the age of 15 so he could pay our rent, who loved his family that much to sacrificed being a normal child himself?! It sure the hell wasn’t you. You were too busy sitting back nursing your beer and wondering why your family was so mean to you. We were your pretty little trophies that you liked to show off whenever we went anywhere and if we ever spoke out of place we knew that we would get the belt when we got home. Sure we were pretty little kids, but we lived in fear. Fear that if we did anything to upset ‘dear old dad’ that we would get it. When we were older and able to stick up for ourselves better you resorted to not spanking us, but verbal abuse. Which in my opinion is much worse. You made your daughters feel like the worst girls in the world…why? Because we were getting older and we were dating. You hated that. You called me every single name in the vulgar dictionary. And you wondered why at the age of 16 I was gone. I couldn’t deal with you any longer. You are my worst nightmare, and probably always will be. I know what a father should be; my children have experienced that for themselves because they have a wonderful father who loves them unconditionally. A father that you hate of course. I just want you to know dad, that you hurt people. You hurt me, and you are now hurting your grandchildren. But the saddest part of it all is the fact that you have hurt yourself the most because you will never experience the love a father should, and that is truly a disservice unto yourself. The one good thing I did learn from you was to find something you love and never let go of it. For you it was your alcohol, and for me it is life. My life, my children, myself. So thank you for that. Good Bye ‘Dad’.

Journaling: I look at you and what I see is a very beautiful, compassion and loving person. I am so thankful for you everyday and that we have such a special bond. I wish you could see what I see and that you would believe it yourself, like I do. You have feelings and shouldn't let dad talk to you like that...you need to stand up for yourself and express your opinions to him! I don't believe I've ever heard you talk to him the way he talks to you!! I know he loves you, but just doesn't realize what he has in you and doesn't stop to think before he speaks. But that is NO excuse. You deserve more then that. I think you have a beautiful soul and I wanted to tell you, how much I love you!!

And last but not least....

PINKY:I love seeing what you all do with the challenges, thank you for playing along!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful and touching work from the DT!!! Love them all, and what a great challenge. I'm gonna try to find time to participate with you girls this time!!! Love, Jess

Nikki Love said...

OMGosh at the amazing work from the DT!!!! Terrific challenge too :) I'm gonna try my best to play along in this one!!!

Dawn said...

Wow I bow to all of you for the wonderful emotion and stories you share. How spectacular that you can get these pages done.

Haf Scraps said...

I personally LOVED this theme and I knew right away that I'd create a layout from my dog, Chloe's perspective about life since she was rescued from the puppy mill. I can't wait to see what others do. What a great theme!

Haf Scraps said...
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Carla said...

You guys did an amazing job on your lay outs. This was one that I wanted to play along with but I ran out of time. You guys rocked this challenge!

MaRLeNeF said...

Such awesome layouts, you all did a fantastic job! I love seeing everyone's different take on the challenge :)

Stephanie said...

something to really think about. Very weird too, cause just the other day I was wondering to myself, "why would anyone want to hang around with me or be my friend or like me?". May seem childish, but it comes at me now and then. I'm very glad that I see myself in God's eyes now, not this old world! Hey, there's my journaling right there! :)

Anonymous said...

Here's my entry-


This challenge was AWESOME!! I can't wait for the next one!

petunia670 said...

Ladies, the journaling is heartfelt. Thanks for sharing you most intimate details. I posted via linkie. Is that right? I'm new to the blogging world!
Thanks for the challenge.

Niki_Ray said...

You all did such a wonderful job on your LO's Lots of emotions going on here. Here is my entry posted on my blog. XoXo Niki_Ray


Susan said...

AMAZING Art here. Thank you all so much for sharing from your heart.

Here is the link to my layout for this challenge.


Janelle said...

Such Great Layouts from all of you!!! Hoping to tackle this challenge too!!!

BrandiLynn said...

Just found you blog...LOVE IT!!!!


Dawn said...

Here is my layout

Suzy said...

Great prompt! Here's my take



Trina C said...

I love this blog! I am always inspired by the challenges! Thanks everyone! Here is my take on Challenge #4.


Keepsake's Crafts said...

Made my 1st attempt at being Diiirty:

MamaBirdy said...

Here's my take of Challenge #4. I also threw in #3, even though it's late because I really wanted to complete it.