Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dirty Scraps Challenge #3

This week's challenge will encourage you to really dig deep...

Dirty Scraps Challenge #3

Broken, that's the key word for this week...
we all have broken relationships, whether it be an ex boyfriend, an ex husband/wife, a broken relationship with a friend, or even God.
So this week's challenge is to scrap a broken relationship.
Heck you could have broken off your relationship with cigarettes, or Dr. Pepper! LOL
Make the challenge work for YOU, after all its' YOUR book and YOUR page, just get down and deep or have fun and make it light~

Now go get DIRTY!

Here is what The Dirtiest Girls created to inspire you!

Check out what our special Guest Designer Janelle made, I just adore this LO it is intense, passionate and amazing! Thank you Janelle!

I would love to feature YOUR work, what do you have to do to be featured? Just participate! Every challenge we will have a guest designer chosen from our Dirty Scrappers!The 1st Layout is titled, Broken in this Moment and has a poem I wrote after I had my first miscarriage and my journal (which is hidden under the heart with wings) is a long one much like I did for my peeved page and is in essence about how I let moments affect me and make me draw within instead of just letting go and moving forward which this year I am really trying to do!!! My girls deserve their Mom at her best!!!

Team RAW-

CARLA:Carla's journaling-
For better or worse that is what we vowed. But that vow was broken, not by my choice but by yours. You lost us, you lost the best thing that ever happened to you, your wife and your kids. Because of your illness to gamble and drink alcohol you broke up our family. I will never understand why you chose those things over us. I will always wonder why it was better for you to continue with your addictions and refuse to get help because you never admitted to having a problem. But when we can't pay a mortgage, or we are going to the pawn shop to get my jewelry back, or trying to come up with money to bail you out of jail for a DWI, aren't those obvious clues that there is an issue? Well 19 years of marriage down the drain, and to this day I know that I was the best damn thing that you will ever have had in your life. Your loss not mine. You broke it, not me.


Journaling reads:

The breakup happened in 2006. When I think back I can’t believe it happened. I hate the word divorce It’s not something that I ever wanted to happen and I can’t believe it all went wrong.I know that God has a reason for everything. Sometimes I still get angry.I sometimes ask God why this happened. But I know I have to go on. I have to stop blaming and pick up the pieces. My heart is not broken anymore, it’s just under repair. I’m ready for the next chapter in my life, with two awesome boys by my side and God in my heart.

Journaling: My body & I disagree – our relationship is seriously broken. I feel great, but my body doesn’t think so. I have been diagnosed with Crohn’s, migraines, vaso vagal issues, etc. I have had more surgeries than most people my age. I don’t understand b/c honestly I feel healthy. I wish I knew my family medical history, but no such luck. L I’ll just keep plugging along in hopes of one day being miraculously ‘healed’.

Lynn's hidden journaling:
Why should we be depressed over the people of this world who will sadly but surly fail us?
Why should we be depressed over not having what we really want but do not need?
Sometimes, we're just too comfortable with the feeling of being depressed simply because we dare not face the road ahead bravely.
The day finally came when I decided to get over the ruminating, the depression and the uncomfortable comfort of living my life this way.
Days of turning in and waking up with suicidal thoughts have now converted into days of turning in and waking up with thankfulness and the assurance that God & his unfailing love will make things right.



Holly said-
My interpretation of feeling broken, is when you feel incomplete and defeated. I have a very busy husband who travels the world for his photography. He's my best friend, my soul mate and my confidant. When he travels, I feel broken inside. We are so close that it just feels empty without him. My inspiration comes from one of my favorite songs by Seether, "Broken". The lyrics explain how I feel when he's away. The lines in the layout are straight but broken, symbolizing the feeling of being incomplete.

And another one from Janelle!
Janelle's thoughts:
My 2nd page is titled, As Broken As It Gets and is about me and my brother, the one who is in prison. My journaling is hidden under the heart, you can see part of my journal block stick out on the left side!!! In essence the journal is about, me and my family not being defined by my brothers actions, how in no way shape or form do I agree with what he did at all, how I tried to support him by taking phone calls, letters and even visiting him because I wouldn’t want to be in a place like that all alone, and how once a trust is broken it is very hard to get it back, if at all possible!!! Last line of my journaling reads this: The letters have stopped coming, the calls don’t come anymore because somehow my phone started blocking them out, and I don’t remember the last time I went to visit, so for me this relationship is as broken as it gets!!!

27 Dirty Comments:

Bethy said...

Oh wow! Just wow! Ladies I am in awe of all of you. I love how you just broke free and told it like it is. I LOVE that about a person when they just say it. Im feeling things reading your journalling that I've felt myself. The feeling of the loss of my 3rd pregnancy to miscarriage, my divorce when I was 25, my brother who is so far gone there's no help for him now. Thank you ladies. Thank yo so much for sharing your not so perfect lives. Love you!

Annmaree said...

Wonderful scraps ladies!!!

Laurajean said...

WOW ladies...just AmaZing, gorgeous layouts, LOVE them all :)

Monica Coffman said...

Wonderful layouts!

Carla said...

AMAZING! Each an everyone of you ROCKED this challenge! Inspiring lay outs and journaling......Im so greatful to be on this DT with each and every one of you!

Denise said...

Wow! These works are beautiful works of art, yet it makes me want to cry! This challenge blog is amazing. Putting your feelings down on paper helps heal the hurts. Kudos to you who are so brave to not keep these things hidden inside.

lara said...

wow, i feel like i just went to therapy and came back a little more mended. Theses are really touching you guys, thanks for sharing!

Janelle said...

I just wanted to say that I think all of your layouts are beautifully done!!! Awesome job Ladies!!!

Heather said...

Such awesome stuff! You are all amazing!

Niki_Ray said...

This are such great LO gals. Great job on the challenge..snif snif

here is my link to my LO or on my blog :)


Carla said...

That is a beautiful lay out Niki Ray!

AmesOx said...

Ladies you are all truly inspirational. I feel stronger just having the priviledge to work with you all. Your journaling is so heartfelt and touching and echos many a thought or feeling that others have had themselves. Thank you for being so strong and sharing a piece of yourself with us.

MaRLeNeF said...

You all did such an amazing job on this challenge. Thanks so much for sharing, it's truly inspiring :)

Dawn said...

Wow what a wonderful job ladies, you are all such an inspiration.

MaRLeNeF said...

Niki, your layout is awesome!!!

Ziggyeor said...

Great job to the Design Team and I liked yours too Nikki!

hmm I haven't completly broken my Dr. Pepper habit I had one with lunch last week on one of the snow days. Have to think on this one.

Peg said...

here's mine, not so deep :-)

Jenny said...

Got it done! It is about my broken heart over my brother's impending divorce. We are not seeing eye to eye at this moment and it breaks my heart.


Heather said...

Amazing layouts as usual! Here is mine


And can anyone tell me how to get the blinkie. When I click on it, it takes me to a page that says the page I am looking for doesn't exist.

Heather said...

Thanks Pinky! For everything!

Susan said...

Wow....You brought me to tears. Amazing ladies..just amazing.

Thank you for starting this Challenge Blog Pinky. It is SO real..and I love real!

Here is the link to my Broken layout!http://www.tallyscrapper.com/scrapbook_gallery_view.php?layout_id=55626

Lisa said...

Wow ladies!! Gorgeous pages!! Heart-wrenching journaling as well...some brought tears to my eyes! Looks like a wonderful blog! I hope to play along!

meluv2scrap said...

These are awesome!!! I love these challenges you come up with. Really make you think! I have an idea for this one.

Annmaree said...

I tried this, its here on my blog:


Thanks for looking.

Sandi said...

Here is a link to my LO on SFTIO.

Trina C said...

These challenges are so wonderful!!! I love every piece of work in the "Broken" challenge. I really do plan on working on some of these someday! LOL Janelle....I didn't know you had it in you! Your work is AMAZING girl!!! Thanks for sharing it with everyone so openly!

Keepsake's Crafts said...

This isn't a *new* Layout for me, I did it awhile ago but thought I'd add the link: