Sunday, January 24, 2010

~Dirty Scraps Challenge #2

I am in AWE and completely inspired by every person who decided to take the Dirty Scraps Challenge and posted for challenge #1! You all left me weak in the knees and really showed me that this was the right thing to do, for that I thank you all!
Tomorrow I will announce the WINNER of Challenge #1 and Guest DT!
Now for Challenge #2...

Dirty Challenge #2
Scrap a pivotal point in your life.

Scrap a page about that one changing moment that happened at some point in your life, whether it be a new baby, escape from abuse, a tragedy, a miracle....I don't care just get it on paper and remember it for what it is!

It does not have to be a positive event, it can be anything that happened to you, by you or for you? Maybe it was an intervention, a breakthrough, someone, or something...just look deep and scrap it hard!
Now go get DIRTY!

Here is what the Dirty Scraps amazing DT created to inspire you!

*side note*
I will let you all know that I posted the journaling because I feel as the DT we are here to inspire YOU to scrap deep, I am hoping by sharing our stories you will see it is safe and beautiful.
Whether you choose to scrap the bad, and ugly, well it's up to you!

If you scrap only the good we WELCOME that!!! We love it all!

It is all about your personal choice.
I hope we inspired you on some level today.
Pinky:Journaling: I don’t talk about it much but one of the most pivotal points in my life happened the day I confronted you on my doorstep.
I asked you why you let your “friend” rape and molest us, and come to live with us?
You know what you did next proved to me that you did not care one bit about me. You LAUGHED, yea you had the audacity to to laugh and say…”hmm I guess you never know who your friends are or what they will do”.
Well…DAD he molested all 6 of us and raped me and my sisters ! Guess what? You should have been more aware!!! We tried to tell you and you didn’t care.
Pivotal Point: My dad doesn’t give a shit about me so get over it!

TEAM DIRTY: Really Amazing Work~!


Holly's email included this:
It's a personal layout about how I went through some major surgery and how I felt all alone in the painful process, only to realize that I wasn't alone. It was a pivotal time in my life and I hope others who view the layout will get inspiration from it.

LAURAJEAN:Journaling says: a pivotal moment for me was when I finally realized I needed to be on meds for my depression!! It took me several years to finally have the courage to go to the doctor and ask for help!! I was just "so" ashamed and embarrassed of myself!! I just couldn't understand why I couldn't fix the problem on my own.

And Now...I realize its "NOT" a bad thing!! And in the end, all that matters is me and that I'm Happy!!

Here is the journaling:
Is this really me? Was I really that big? I never felt that big. But I see the pictures, I see the fat face, I see the fat body. Maybe this is why I was depressed? Maybe this is why I was unhappy? Maybe this is why I had to be put on depression medication? I had to do something about this, I had to do something for myself. I wanted to be happy again. I wanted to have energy again. I wanted to be there for my kids. Health and happiness is what I wanted. So I decided that I was going to take the plunge and have gastric bypass. I knew that I had to do something drastic, because diets just didn't work for me. Now 7 years later I'm still healthy and feel great. Look at me now. It was the best decision that I ever made.

Team RAW: More amazing work!

Lynn:There will be a special TUTORIAL posted tomorrow for this layout, thank you Lynn!

49 Dirty Comments:

Carla said...

OMG everyone did such amazing work here, I applaud all of you for digging down deep and dirty and see that you all do such amazing work! I am so proud of all of you girls, and I totally LOVE this BLOG PINKY!!!!!! I knew that this was going to be something amazing when you posted for the DT!

A Sarasota said...

Wow, these are amazing!!!

Laurajean said...

OH MY GOSH...I'm speechless, such AMAZING stories and layouts...LOVE what everyone did :)

ttoddthepeapod said...

Wow, ladies...I am absolutely awestruck by your powerful, brave words and beautiful layouts! This blog is awesome, my new favourite...I definitely hope to get a chance to participate in this week's challenge. These moments are so important and I've often wondered why I feel I have to make my scrapbooks completely cheerful. Typically, I scrapbook to make myself focus on the best parts of my life for a little while...but that doesn't mean the bad parts aren't still there. Bravo to you all for acknowledging that! I hope to be brave enough to join you soon. :) ~~Teri~~

Denise said...

I absolutely LOVE this challenge blog and that ladies are so free sharing deep meaningful parts of their lives. I'm just afraid someone in my family would get a hold of mine! Trying to work up the courage to play along.

Gorgeous work ladies!

Lynn said...

PINKY you're one inspiring lady and now I'm beginning to see how you live up to it!!
Goodness Gracious! You're so real that I feel inferior!!
I'm going to dig real real deep!!

Pinky said...

Oh no Lynn, I like that everyone is different! Anyone can scrap here, even if you don't want to share the bad and only scrap the good ;) Everyone is welcome! :)
Your stuff rocks Lynn!

Lynn said...

Yes Pinky, but I've never felt more inspired to scrap up my inner thoughts, good or bad!!
Thanks so much for your compliment and you really made my day..
This impact is going to last me for a lifetime, honestly!

Bethy said...

Completely amazing layouts by everyone. Felt so good to get that out on paper Pinky. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

lavendarrose29 said...

I am amazed and saddened all at the same time. These layouts touched me in a very personal way. You Ladies rocked these layouts and should be so proud of yourselfs.

Karenliz said...

WOW! These LOs are absolutely wonderful. I've always wanted to scrap about me. My daughter asks a lot of questions about me and family. I never had the nerve to do it whether bad or good. 2010 resolution is to go outside my comfort zone. This is where I might start. This is my new favorite blog!!!!

meluv2scrap said...

These are simply amazing!!! You all did awesome and have inspired me!!

~~Mia~~ said...

OMGOSH ladies, I am in tears here!!! Good for each and every single one of you for being able to scrap the good, the bad AND the ugly. Thank you for being so open and honest! I am proud of you all, how brave!!!

Teri said...

Pinky - I tried to add your blinkie to my blog, but the link appears to be broken or something. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong? Any help you could give would be much appreciated! :)

Janelle said...

Wow, those are some pretty tearjerking, heart pounding, and very powerful layouts from all of you!!!

LaVon said...

Yay!!! I love challenge sites like this and i swear there arent enough!!! THanks girls! Count me in as a groupie!!

Brown Sugar Babies said...

WOW ... powerful stuff here. I love it. Keep up the Dirty Work ladies!!

Rhonda V. said...

Blown away, that's what I am! These are amazing, powerful and so awesome! I applaud you for scrappin' it real and for sharing yourselves with us.


MaRLeNeF said...

Wow girls, you all did such an amazing job!!! I love each and every layout! xxx Marlene

Tanya said...

Fantastic work! I don't know how I came across this blog but it's great!!

P.S Amy's blog link is not working - it goes to Carla's, just thought I'd let you know because I wanted to check out Amy's blog - her layout has me intrigued as I am sort of in that position too :)

Pinky said...

Thanks so much Tanya! I think I fixed it :)

Aeify said...

These are WONDERFUL!! I have my idea for challenge #2 and can't wait to get started... I'm ahead on my schoolwork for next week and am off Thursday and Friday so hopefully my LO will be done and there will be sunshine for a pic as well!!!

Kray said...

Wow, such a powerful message. I can see why it would be hard to get through that.

Also, BEAUTIFUL layouts of the girls.

I need to participate on some of the challenges...however, just seeing the layouts.....I am amazed of everyone's feelings. Also, this can bring support and inspiration to others.

Niki_Ray said...
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Anonymous said...

These are all brilliant and inspiring.
I myself have (and still) suffering Depression.
Mental Illness runs throughout my family, and it isn't easy to talk about. I hope I can find a way to join in these challenges. Because they are so theraputic and inspiring.

Niki_Ray said...

Here is my LO for Challenge #2 Great Challenge :)XoXo Niki_Ray

AmesOx said...

Wow Ladies, these LO's totally rock! To get your stories out there takes a ofof courage and you all inspire me to scrap much deeper. Thank you for sharing and being so strong && thank you Pinky for a place for such amazing & much needed Scrap Therapy!

Ziggyeor said...

Yeah I did it :D Again not that dirty but very pivotal http://ziggyeor.blogspot.com/2010/01/dirty-scraps-challenge-2-and-card.html

Octopusouphut said...

Okay, here is my entry. I've been wanting to scrap about this forever, and your challenge got me to do it.


Anonymous said...

I decided to try an entry:


What a great release.

Ziggyeor said...

ok first I forgot to say how awesome the Dirty Girls did on their LO's :D Excelent job on the designs and especially the journaling.

Next I looked at the two other LO's posted and was in tears. You ladies did a fantabulous job on your LO's and scrapping deeply.

Kudos for Pinky for getting people to dig down and scrap dirty.

Laurajean said...

OMG ladies...your layouts are AmaZing...thank you for playing dirty with us ;)

TanishaRenee said...

the DT totally rocked this challenge!

Lynnette Davis said...

I found this challenge blog through my girl Amy. Hey Amy! :-)

Thought I'd play along too!


Pinky said...

Wow so creative Lynnette, love the page and wow you are brave!

Peg said...

Wow, I did it!
thanks so much for the inspo and all the fabulous work to look at!
Here's mine

Carla said...

You girls that are playing along are doing fabulous work....rock on.......I applaud every single one of us!

lkamphuis said...

WOW - these are amazing!!

Heather said...

Here is mine


Thaks for the inspiration Pinky!

Teri said...

I know I'm probably too late...but here is my submission! What an inspiring challenge this was! :) It's the second set of photos here: http://pursuitofscrappyness.blogspot.com/2010/02/one-incredible-weekend.html The LO is called "Black Bird Fly". Thanks again, ladies! :)

Heather said...

Thanks for the comment Pinky! I wasn't really sure it fit the "dirty scraps" concept but I figured I'd give it a shot! I am really glad your husband proved them wrong about the not walking because of the MS!

Dawn said...

I decided to stop "lurking" and just jump in also, it isn't as brave as most of you but it was out of my comfort zone and I feel better for trying.Check it out

Janelle said...

Here is my layout for this challenge!!! It is not as profound as all of these other beautiful layouts and I didn't go too deep or dirty with it but still beautiful and true to me!!! Thanks for the challenge!!!

Jenn said...


Wowee zowee, girls! Way to rock it! Here is mine.

Jenny said...

I got one done! wahoo.

MamaBirdy said...

I am so happy to be apart of this!
You are all so brave and talented!

Here's mine:



BarefootFairyMum said...

What a great challenge. I've just been checking out the other entries. All of them are amazing. Here is my entry for the challenge:


Lynn said...

Lovely entries ladies!
I'm enjoying the blog hop to see your beautiful work! :)

Sandi said...

late late late, but I finally did it. Here is a link to my pivotal moment LO: