Thursday, January 14, 2010

~122 followers! Getting excited about the new DT?

Are you getting excited to see who the next DT will be?
I know I am!
I wanted to take a moment to say
THANK YOU all for passing the word on about
Dirty Scraps and entering the first challenge.
Don't worry you still have time the challenge lasts until the 24th at midnight!
But you all have inspired ME to scrap!

Dirty Scraps had 87 applications come in so far!
OMG I had no idea it would be that popular!
I am very excited for the announcement and if you have been leary
of sending your application in, just do it!
I am hoping to appeal to ALL scrappers, so the creativity and
talent will be varied and diverse!
Will you be the Dirtiest Girl around?

12 Dirty Comments:

Sweet Escape said...

EEEEkkk!!! this is so very exciting!!! I can't wait for more challenges!!!

Sandi said...

That is so awesome that there has been all that interest!! Obviously you are filling a much needed niche. Thanks, Pinky!

Unknown said...

very excited! I love the graphics you made! grungy and rocker girl themed! woot!

Nikki said...

ooh i cant wait!!! congrats on the success of yr new venture Pinky!

Mama Bethy said...

The suspense is KILLING ME! Where are you girl?

Mandee said...

Hot Damn!!!! 122 followers is an amazing accomplishment, but what did ya expect? This is going to be one rockin' challenge site...GUARAAAAANTEED!!!

Trina C said...

EEEEK! The suspense!!! And I have a really busy weekend ahead! But I will be sure to check in and see what's happening!

Laurajean said...

Woohoo, can't wait to see who the NEW DT will be...and OMG, 122 followers, that is frickin' AWESOME girl :)

Ziggyeor said...

Whoo hoo 87 submissions so far! Dang girl you have your work cut out for you!

Trina C said...

OOOOH, I see three!!! Is there more????

Unknown said...

Oh yes, I am slowly but surely working on it LOL

Niki Ray's Book Blog said...

Congrats to your success and to the new Dt's so far :) XoXo