Thursday, January 28, 2010

~Challenge #2 Prize~

We have not quite hit the ground running just yet.
I am still working on prizes and all that.

I had not thought about it when I began the blog, but it seems to be
an interest, but for now I will just supply fun prizes from my stash :)

Last time was a col set of JOURNALING stamps! :)

This time the prize will be THESE!

Rockpile Clear Stamps INK by Steph

Sunday, January 24, 2010

~Dirty Scraps Challenge #2

I am in AWE and completely inspired by every person who decided to take the Dirty Scraps Challenge and posted for challenge #1! You all left me weak in the knees and really showed me that this was the right thing to do, for that I thank you all!
Tomorrow I will announce the WINNER of Challenge #1 and Guest DT!
Now for Challenge #2...

Dirty Challenge #2
Scrap a pivotal point in your life.

Scrap a page about that one changing moment that happened at some point in your life, whether it be a new baby, escape from abuse, a tragedy, a miracle....I don't care just get it on paper and remember it for what it is!

It does not have to be a positive event, it can be anything that happened to you, by you or for you? Maybe it was an intervention, a breakthrough, someone, or something...just look deep and scrap it hard!
Now go get DIRTY!

Here is what the Dirty Scraps amazing DT created to inspire you!

*side note*
I will let you all know that I posted the journaling because I feel as the DT we are here to inspire YOU to scrap deep, I am hoping by sharing our stories you will see it is safe and beautiful.
Whether you choose to scrap the bad, and ugly, well it's up to you!

If you scrap only the good we WELCOME that!!! We love it all!

It is all about your personal choice.
I hope we inspired you on some level today.
Pinky:Journaling: I don’t talk about it much but one of the most pivotal points in my life happened the day I confronted you on my doorstep.
I asked you why you let your “friend” rape and molest us, and come to live with us?
You know what you did next proved to me that you did not care one bit about me. You LAUGHED, yea you had the audacity to to laugh and say…”hmm I guess you never know who your friends are or what they will do”.
Well…DAD he molested all 6 of us and raped me and my sisters ! Guess what? You should have been more aware!!! We tried to tell you and you didn’t care.
Pivotal Point: My dad doesn’t give a shit about me so get over it!

TEAM DIRTY: Really Amazing Work~!


Holly's email included this:
It's a personal layout about how I went through some major surgery and how I felt all alone in the painful process, only to realize that I wasn't alone. It was a pivotal time in my life and I hope others who view the layout will get inspiration from it.

LAURAJEAN:Journaling says: a pivotal moment for me was when I finally realized I needed to be on meds for my depression!! It took me several years to finally have the courage to go to the doctor and ask for help!! I was just "so" ashamed and embarrassed of myself!! I just couldn't understand why I couldn't fix the problem on my own.

And Now...I realize its "NOT" a bad thing!! And in the end, all that matters is me and that I'm Happy!!

Here is the journaling:
Is this really me? Was I really that big? I never felt that big. But I see the pictures, I see the fat face, I see the fat body. Maybe this is why I was depressed? Maybe this is why I was unhappy? Maybe this is why I had to be put on depression medication? I had to do something about this, I had to do something for myself. I wanted to be happy again. I wanted to have energy again. I wanted to be there for my kids. Health and happiness is what I wanted. So I decided that I was going to take the plunge and have gastric bypass. I knew that I had to do something drastic, because diets just didn't work for me. Now 7 years later I'm still healthy and feel great. Look at me now. It was the best decision that I ever made.

Team RAW: More amazing work!

Lynn:There will be a special TUTORIAL posted tomorrow for this layout, thank you Lynn!

~Challenge #1 WINNER...Mini Tutorial and Giveaway!

So much fun news today!
First of all the RANDOM winner of challenge #1
I made it random on purpose because EVERYONE who put their heart and soul
into challenge #1 deserves to win!

The winner is JANELLE!
here is her blog.

Thank you everyone who participated!

Now Lynn made a great tutorial!

Good day dirty girls!
I'm sharing a little tutorial on my layout named 'Broken'

The only journaling on this layout is placed across the title, 'as BROKEN as you want it to be'.

This serves as a reminder to me about how affected we are by others depends on how much you want others to affect you.

I've been through countless broken relationships, many of which are on the road of no return.
Sure I mourned about them day and night, even after years..
It's alright to be broken, really!
But it's not alright to remain broken because things will only become better when you reach the bottom of the pit, won't it?
So, if you're feeling broken right now, over the loss of a loved one, a painful break-up or a sudden desertion by close friends, let your hair loose and scream or cry.
Then, leave those baggages behind and move on to bigger, better things!

So heavy issues aside, let's move on to the mini tutorial that's real easy!

First of all, randomly tear the middle of the patterned paper, the shape is up to you.
I've a rough idea how my embellishments and photo are going to settle on them, so make sure it is visible to see the tear!

Next, tear a slightly larger paper from another patterned paper in the same fashion, and put it beneath the former.

Ink the edges of both torn papers with distress ink. (I use old paper from Rangers)
If you notice, I stitched the edges of the torn papers to the paper in brown and white.
I love the look of hand stitched threads running around my focal point!
I also sprayed glimmer mist to give it more color since there's a minimal use of patterned paper.

I've this lovely memory glass from Rangers to fill my embellishments in.
Assemble them as you like.

I stamped 'Be Strong' on the papers, what a strong reminder!

I attach ribbons haphazardly all over below the photo using Glossy accent.
The die-cut scissors are from Quickutz, notice it is hanging from the tiny rope which are cut up and tied again? This is also in line with my theme of being broken and yet managed to overcome it.

That's all for now.
A simple layout which conveys a great deal of meaning, at least for me.
You can view more close-ups of the layout at my blog.
Have a great day ahead and go get DIRTY!!

God bless,

One more thing....IMAGINISCE is having a GIVEAWAY and it happens to feature
my work (Pinky) because I am on their DT LOL
So stop by and tell them PINKY SENT YA!

Have a down and dirty day!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Challenge #1 what our DT did!

I made another page (PINKY) and I know some of the
other DT did challenge #1 as well.
They will be adding theirs throughout the day for more inspiration!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

5 short days until Challenge #2 and a picture of the PRIZE!

Good morning you Dirty Scrappers!
I am LOVING the entries so far, I hope I did not miss anyone.
All of the pages are totally inspiring and make me want to scrap even dirtier!

It is only 5 days until the next challenge, so stay tuned.
I thought I would come on and share the PRIZE for this challenge.
It is a brand new set of stamps 8X8 in size so a large set!
One of you lucky participants will win the stamps and a guest spot for challenge #3!
Thank you all for the overwhelmingly positive response,
I had no idea there were so many Dirty Scrappers out there!

One more little note...I would encourage you to go to the DT's BLOGS!
Just click on their picture and BAM you are there!
They have all posted their exciting new positions,
plus they have great inspiration and work on their blogs.
So stop by and say HI to the Dirtiest Girls around!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

~Introducing TEAM DIRTY~

After wading through 88 applications,
I finally decided on 10 DT girls

I am honored to introduce you to
Team Dirty will be scrapping the challenge on the 25th of the month
or more if they have time and love the challenge :)


Hi-ya, my name is Amy! I am a born and bred Missourian, but currently reside in the wonderful state of Washington! I am first and for most a SAHM to 3 beautiful children; Kayla, Kyrsten, and Koen, and the wifey to my High School sweetie, Travis! We are the typical Military family and absolutely love the lifestyle it has provided us. We take the good with the bad! Scrapbooking came into my life about 2 years ago and it was instant love! I have since discovered so many new and exciting things to play around with! I am not one to think I have a sense of style due to the fact that I am usually all over the place with my projects depending on what I am “playing” with that day! I just like to have fun with it and as with any Scrapbooker I just try to document my family’s life in a way I think is beautiful! I am very excited to be here and I can’t wait to get dirty with you all!


Hi, my name is Laurajean aka LJ. I've been married now for almost 19 years to a wonderful man, Bill and we have two beautiful children together, Danielle(13) and Kaleb (8). We are currently living in Jacksonville, NC, due to military orders, but hubby is wanting to retire in a few years, so we will see where that will take us in the future. I am so excited to be part of this Design Team and look forward to getting to know all of you!!!


I am an Independent Memory Works consultant, wife and mother of 3 very active children. I live in a very small town in Eastern Ohio and I LOVE TO SCRAP! I've been at it now for about 7 years and there's nothing on this planet that can stop me. I've scrapped everything from baby layouts to weddings and holidays to every day events and now, I get to scrap the dirt, the nitty gritty, the stuff people don't usually scrap about. Why? Because I can and because I want to support Pinky and what she stands for. Standing up against abuse and help those who can't help themselves stand against it and help them get through it. No I was never abused but, I have had many friends who were whether it be parental or marital. We have all been through some kind of hardships in our lives and for me, this will be a great experience and cheap therapy.


Hi! I'm Lara and i live in atlanta with my two doggies and most notably have recently started the next chapter of my life...and I'm a dirty girl if that also means walking around all the time with paint and ink stuck in my cuticles!
I have gone through the gamut of scrapbooking ... first starting with all store bought materials scrapping family and vacations ... then trepidatiously starting to realize i can scrapbook about myself for personal growth ... to discovering the beauty of using found objects and unconventional products on my pages and not caring so much about the "acid-free rule" to where i am currently ... abandoning ALL rules and art journalling, with abandon, my daily trials and tribulations and realizing how much better everything seemed after i got it out of my head and onto a sheet of paper with my hands caked in paint and gesso and yummy glue.
I am so excited for dirty scrapping and look forward to being a part of this awesome growing community of scrapbookers who encourage fearless, honest, and true scrapbooking of the moments that make us who we really are!

I'm Holly and I've been scrapbooking for about 10 years now. I taught scrapbooking classes in 2006. My layouts have been published in many popular scrapbooking magazines, including "Simple Scrapbooks", "Creating Keepsakes", and "Scrapbooking and Beyond." Though I've experimented with many techniques and forms of scrapbooking and preserving memories, I'm now most comfortable creating digital layouts.
My husband of 10 years takes most of our family photos, as he's a professional photographer. We have two adorable dogs; Shiley is our Golden Retriever and Chloe is our Pekalier (mix of Pekingese and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). We've traveled the country and moved around quite a bit chasing dreams and starting careers.
It has made life colorful and interesting for me.
I'm a bit of a free spirit. I find inspiration in the great outdoors, my family, my faith, my life experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly), songs, and even quotes. My moments of inspiration quadruple in size when I'm happily caffeinated. Life's worth remembering and reliving for we only have one ... so I say, scrap it all!

As you probably noticed there will be 5 Layouts each challenge to give you
great inspiration for your dirty thoughts and pages!
Stay tuned for Dirty Challenge #2 on the 25th
And be sure to check out all the Dirtiest Girls and their blogs! :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

~Introducing Team RAW~

You have been waiting for this, I am announcing the Dirtiest Girls
around today and tomorrow...first of all
This team will be doing the challenges for the 10th of the month
or all the challenges depending on what fits in the schedule for them.

Hi I'm Lynn Yen from Singapore. I enjoy papercrafting and learning musical instruments.
I'm an educator who is passionate about teaching! One and a half years into scrapbooking, I'm still fascinated with what we can do with papers! I love the shabby-chic, romantic and vintage style but I'm game for any challenge that comes my way! I love the look of paint, glue, mist or powder on my dirty hands when I scrap, it's totally therapeutic.
Thanks so much Pinky & Dirty Scraps for giving me an opportunity to learn to work out of my comfort zone!


Hey ya’ll! I’m Kelly Cranfill and I live in the western part of North Carolina with my husband, puppies and our son. I have always been creative and expressed that creativity in some way, shape or form. I technically started scrapbooking in high school, although I had no sense of style and literally just stuck things to paper and jotted down a few notes! I fell in love with the hobby again a few years later when my niece and nephew were little and have been going full blast every since! I’m excited to be here and hope to serve as an inspiration for everyone who comes to visit. Have fun and join in the challenges!


Hi my name is Carla Oliveira. I am a 45-year-old single mother to two teenagers. I have been scrap booking for 10+ years. I started as a consultant for a scrap booking company because I fell madly in love with the concept of preserving memories in an artistic way. After doing that for a couple of years, I realized that there was more to the scrapbook world then what I had been doing. So, I quit as a consultant and decided to scrapbook my way, for myself. Scrap booking has become very therapeutic for me. When I sit down to create a layout about my kids, my family, my friends, or even just a random page about thoughts in my head, I feel so good when I see the finished product before me. Life sometimes gets in the way and I have experienced some "down time" with my scrapping in the past. I am at a point now where I'm determined to change that and make scrap booking more of a priority. It is a passion of mine that always makes me feel good, and right now, I need more goodness in my life!


Hi everyone. My name is Marlene and I am from New York. I'm a single mom and I've been blessed with two awesome boys who keep me super busy. I'm an administrative assistant by day and scrapper by night. I've been scrapping for almost 3 years now and I absolutely love altering items, working on my art journal, making cards, doodling, drawing...basically anything artsy and crafty. I love being creative and I'm always inspired but all the talented scrappers out there. I'm happy to be a part of this design team and I look forward to getting to know all of you!


Hello, my name is Pamela Jordan and I'm an addict----scrapbook addict that is. I'm 47 years old----married to high school sweetheart for 26 years----have 3 grown children (20, 25 & 26)----I also have 2 beautiful grandsons (4 and 14 months) who are my prides and joys----I love them lil' stinkers-- i live in columbus, ohio (since 1973)----been scrapbooking since 2006----i love art-paper----adhesives----paper----my crop a dile----did i mention PAPER!-----i LOve LIFE and live it to the fullest----i'm a fast learner----i love to play----and most important, I LOVE TO HAVE FUN----i'm currently on 3 design teams:

  1. KARLA DUDLEY DESIGN TEAM --digital scrapbooking
  4. I'm totally excited about making the design team here and I can officially say "I'm proud to be a DIRTY GIRL!!"

Thank you to everyone who applied, honestly
you all deserve a spot because you put yourself out there and tried!
Please stick around and support Dirty Scraps
we will be having GUEST DT's and a new call in 6 months!
I genuinely appreciate the time and effort you put into applying
I have a few more girls to share....
Team DIRTY will be announced next! :)

No go get DIRTY!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

~122 followers! Getting excited about the new DT?

Are you getting excited to see who the next DT will be?
I know I am!
I wanted to take a moment to say
THANK YOU all for passing the word on about
Dirty Scraps and entering the first challenge.
Don't worry you still have time the challenge lasts until the 24th at midnight!
But you all have inspired ME to scrap!

Dirty Scraps had 87 applications come in so far!
OMG I had no idea it would be that popular!
I am very excited for the announcement and if you have been leary
of sending your application in, just do it!
I am hoping to appeal to ALL scrappers, so the creativity and
talent will be varied and diverse!
Will you be the Dirtiest Girl around?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~How about a challenge while we wait for the NEW DT to be announced!~

Let's get right to it while
we anxiously await the new DT!

Not entirely sure of everything on this blog yet
BUT here is the deal...
challenges will be on the 10th
and the 25th every month!

This blog is to challenge YOURSELF to get playing and dirty.
Not sure about prizes yet, for now we will just try to
inspire you to look deep inside and play with paper!

Dirty Challenge #1

We all have negative experiences in our life
from the VERY bad to the regular ups and downs so I challenge you to scrap a PEEVE, annoyance or a downright angry moment that's the dirty part...
but here is the twist...
We are not just a bitching session here, this blog is to inspire you to look inside and grow... on the same page I want you to find something positive in that aggravation and put some perspective on it.

Here is my example...
My Peeve: I really get peeved with people who try to cause you drama
and bring you down with a negative attitude and nasty comments...
always finding something wrong with you and pointing it out,
even if it is not true.

My Positive: I have learned which friends are true friends and
to let the negative people and their ways not get to me as much
and let them go. I am not so lonely I have to hang on to every person
who hates on me...I can let them go.
5 years ago I would have been in bed devastated...it's big progress for me :)

As always, we support your scrapping no matter what it is, so
if you don't feel strong enough yet to journal it publicly that's OK! :)
Just being open to it makes your life better.

I would LOVE to see your pages
For this challenge, I will choose ONE entry and
you will be the GUEST Designer on Dirty Scraps! :)
This challenge will go through the 24th!

Not sure about how the prizes will work BUT to kick it off
I have a GREAT FULL set of Stamps as a prize to one
Dirty Scrapper!

Now go get DIRTY!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

~Get your Dirty Girl Blinkie Here!~




Save it to your blogs and forums :) Be a Dirty

See comment below for BLINKIE CODE

Monday, January 4, 2010

~Dirtiest Girls Wanted!~

Do you scrap from the heart?

Can you scrap one kick butt Layout a month and get it to me on time?
Don't mind if people see you are human and have fears,
hopes, goals, and make mistakes?
Not afraid to scrap it?
Tired of having to sensor your work?

I would love to see some intense pages with intense journaling.
Show me that you can scrap it all!
Because this is going to be a fun exploratory ride!

Dirty Scraps is the newest Challenge blog,
we will have 2 challenges a month.

Help Wanted:
SIX yes 6 of the"Dirtiest Girls"
You will be part of the elite team of Dirty Scraps
Your mission will be to INSPIRE others to scrap anything they want in life. The good, the bad, the ugly, we want it all!

If you are the Dirtiest Girl for the job Dirty Scraps want you!

What can Dirty Scraps do for you?
Well, this is a new challenge blog so who knows where it will go!
We will advertise the heck out of ya!

Feature YOU and your work, and your blog!
After all, you will be one of the Dirtiest Girls!

If you might be interested please email me some of
your inspiring work, please make sure it is clear and I can see it.
I will reply to all emails...

Final decisions will be made by
January 15th!